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Kenneth City Police Department 

The Police Chief in the Town of Kenneth City is Kevin Riley. According to their website, the mission statement of the Kenneth City Police Department is to “[p]rovide proactive and innovative law enforcement services to our community through a partnership which consists of trust, understanding, and collective results.

Kenneth City is a town in southern Pinellas County, Florida, located between St. Petersburg and Pinellas Park, Florida. The population of this municipality was 4,980 at the 2010 census. As one of the 23 municipalities in Pinellas County, Kenneth City is known as “A Safe, Friendly Small Town” that follows a council-manager form of government.

The agency provides monthly statistical reports published on its website showing the activity of the sworn personnel. Although the statistics do not account for everything the agency does, it does highlight their most notable activities.

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Policing Statistics Released by the Police Department in Kenneth City, FL

For example, the monthly statistical report for June of 2017 shows the number of new cases assigned for the month and the case dispositions including cases closed with a misdemeanor or felony arrest, SAO referral, or cleared with waiver.

The report also includes information on other activities conducted by the police officers including surveillances, photo packs, evidence status requests, CODIS hit follow ups, touch DNA processing / buccal, suspects resulting form touch DNA, CCTV footage, cell tracking, subpoenas, jail recordings, reports reviewed, interviews, or BOLO’s. Find information on when officers with KCPD attended Crime Watch Meetings.

Included within the report is Detective and Community Policing Statistics showing service summaries for calls self-initiated, reports / supplementals, FIR, alarm, warrant arrests, misdemeanor arrests, felony arrests, DUI arrests, accidents, traffic warnings, traffic crossings, ORD violations.

DUI Arrests by the Kenneth City Police Department

The Policing Statistics released by the Kenneth City Police Department shows the number of DUI arrests made each month by this agency. For example, in June of 2017, the agency made seven DUI arrests and issued 153 traffic warnings in the Town of Kenneth City. So far in 2017, Officer Bruner has made the highest number of DUI arrests, although the number of DUI arrests made by each officer are listed in the reports. 

The Traffic Enforcement Unit of the Kenneth City Police Department handles routine traffic enforcement to monitor 18.1 miles of roadway and the 60,000 motorists who visit the Town of Kenneth City each day. The traffic unit also deploys one radar trailer in the community.

Lieutenant Mike Vieno, Corporal Jamison Raley and Officer Chris Huddleston recently attended and represented the agency in the Law Enforcement Challenge for D.U.I. enforcement, in Orlando, FL. The team was awarded 1st place and received a plaque and $16,000 dollars worth of equipment for the agency.

The traffic unit conducts Wolf-pack operations for D.U.I. enforcement. The officers also work closely with MADD and attend events to support their mission.

Felony Investigations in Kenneth City, FL

The Criminal Investigations Section, (C.I.S.) of the Kenneth City Police Department is responsible for conducting secondary investigations which originate from the Patrol Officers or other law enforcement agencies in Pinellas County who request assistance. 

The Criminal Investigations Section in Kenneth City, FL, is comprised of one Detective who investigates crimes against persons such as Robberies, Homicides, Sexual Batteries, Aggravated Assault/Battery, Child Abuse. The detective also investigates crimes against property such as Burglaries, Grand Thefts Economic Crimes Fraud, Embezzlement, Identity Theft, Vehicle Theft.

According to the Police Applicant Screening Service (PASS) Salary Survey, the 2017 salary ranges for the Kenneth City Police Department is a minimum of $39,478 and a maximum of $54,775 for an officer, a minimum of $41,452 or a maximum of $54,775, or a minimum of $39,478 or a maximum of $54,775 for a Corporal.

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Contact Information

Kenneth City Police Department
4600-58th Street
North Kenneth City, FL 33709
Telephone: (727) 582-6200 (Non Emergency Calls for Service)
General information: (727) 498-8942 or (727) 498-8943
Tips on a Crime: Call Crime Stoppers @ 1-800-873-TIPS (8477)

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This article was last updated on Friday, July 28, 2017.