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Experienced Defense Against Theft Charges in Florida 

At Morris Law Firm, P.A., we specialize in providing exceptional legal representation for individuals facing theft crime charges in St. Petersburg, Florida. Theft crimes can have serious consequences, and our experienced team is here to offer comprehensive legal support and guidance to protect your rights and ensure the best possible outcome for your case. 

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Common Types of Theft Crimes

Theft crimes encompass a variety of offenses that involve taking someone else's property without their consent and with the intent to deprive them of it permanently. Here are some of the most common types of theft crimes in Florida:

The Morris Law Firm, P.A. can defend you against various theft offenses, including:

What are the Penalties for Theft Crimes in Florida?

The penalties for theft crimes in Florida can be substantial, depending on the specific offense and the value of the stolen property. Here's an overview of the potential consequences:

  • Fines: Conviction for theft crimes can result in fines, depending on the value of the stolen property and whether the offense is classified as a misdemeanor or a felony.
  • Probation: In many cases, a judge may sentence an individual to probation, during which they must adhere to specific conditions, such as regular check-ins with a probation officer. 
  • Jail or Prison Time: Theft crime convictions can lead to incarceration, especially in cases of grand theft, robbery, or burglary. The length of imprisonment varies based on the severity of the offense and the defendant's criminal history.
  • Restitution: Courts may order offenders to pay restitution to the victim to compensate for their losses.
  • Criminal Record: A theft crime conviction can result in a permanent criminal record, which can have far-reaching consequences, affecting employment, housing, and other aspects of life.
  • Loss of Civil Rights: Felony theft convictions can result in the loss of certain civil rights, such as the right to possess firearms or vote.

Defenses Against Theft Crime Charges

Facing theft crime charges can be a daunting experience, but there are legal defenses that can be employed to protect your rights. Our experienced St. Petersburg theft crimes lawyers at Morris Law Firm, P.A. can help you explore and utilize the following defenses:

  • Lack of Intent: To be convicted of a theft crime, it must be proven that you intended to deprive someone of their property permanently. If this intent cannot be established, your charges may be reduced or dismissed.
  • Mistaken Identity: If you doubt your identity as the perpetrator, this can be a strong defense. Witnesses may have misidentified you, or there may be surveillance footage that can prove your innocence.
  • Consent: If you had permission to take the property in question, you may have a valid defense against theft charges.
  • Duress: If you were forced to commit the theft under threat of harm or violence, it may be possible to argue duress as a defense.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If law enforcement violated your Fourth Amendment rights by conducting an unlawful search and seizure, any evidence obtained may be inadmissible in court.

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Facing theft crime charges in St. Petersburg, Florida, can be a distressing experience, but you don't have to go through it alone. The legal team at Morris Law Firm, P.A. is here to provide expert guidance and effective defense strategies. If you or a loved one is facing theft crime charges, contact our skilled St. Petersburg theft crimes lawyer. We will work to achieve the best outcome for your case, whether through negotiation, litigation, or other legal avenues. Your future is important to us, and we are committed to helping you secure the best possible outcome in your legal matter.

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    Morris Law Firm is a very professional and responsive. They closed my case in a very short terms, for what I'm very grateful. Strongly recommend them especially Seth Shapiro. He decreased my case from felony to misdemeanor in short terms and during 6 months my case was totally closed.
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