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Experienced Defense Against DUI With Serious Bodily Injury Charges in Florida  

Morris Law Firm, P.A. is committed to providing steadfast legal representation for individuals facing DUI charges with serious bodily injury in Florida. Our experienced team of attorneys is well-versed in navigating the complexities of such cases, ensuring a rigorous defense to protect your rights. If you or a loved one is confronted with DUI charges involving severe bodily injury, it is crucial to have a dedicated legal advocate by your side.

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What is Considered a DUI With Serious Bodily Injury?

A DUI with serious bodily injury in St. Petersburg occurs when an individual operates a motor vehicle under the influence of alcohol or drugs and, as a result, causes significant harm to another person. Serious bodily injury is defined as an injury that involves a substantial risk of death, severe disfigurement, or protracted loss or impairment of a bodily organ or function.

To establish a DUI with serious bodily injury, the prosecution must demonstrate that the accused was operating the vehicle. At the same time, impaired, and this impairment directly contributed to the injury sustained by another party. This offense is taken very seriously in Florida, and the legal consequences can be severe.

What are the Penalties for a DUI With Serious Bodily Injury in Florida?

Being convicted of a DUI with serious bodily injury in St. Petersburg can lead to harsh penalties, as the state aims to deter individuals from driving under the influence and causing significant harm to others. The penalties for this offense may include:

  • Criminal Penalties: A DUI with serious bodily injury is typically classified as a third-degree felony. Conviction may result in imprisonment for up to five years, fines of up to $5,000, and probation.
  • Driver's License Suspension: The offender may face a lengthy suspension of their driver's license, limiting their ability to travel freely.
  • Restitution: In addition to criminal penalties, the court may order the defendant to pay restitution to the victim for medical expenses, rehabilitation costs, and other related damages.
  • Ignition Interlock Device: The court may mandate the installation of an ignition interlock device in the offender's vehicle, requiring a clean breath sample before the engine can start.
  • Probation: Probation may be imposed, during which the individual must adhere to strict conditions, such as attending counseling or substance abuse programs.
  • Permanent Criminal Record: A conviction for DUI with serious bodily injury can have long-lasting consequences, affecting employment opportunities and personal relationships.

It is essential to seek the assistance of a skilled St. Petersburg DUI with a bodily injury lawyer to mount a robust defense against these severe penalties.

Defenses Against DUI With Serious Bodily Injury Charges

Crafting a strategic defense is crucial when facing charges of DUI with serious bodily injury. Morris Law Firm, P.A. employs a comprehensive approach to challenging the prosecution's case and protecting our clients' rights. Some potential defenses include:

  • Challenging the Evidence: We thoroughly examine the evidence, including blood alcohol content (BAC) test results and witness statements, to identify any inconsistencies or errors that may undermine the prosecution's case.
  • Illegal Search and Seizure: If law enforcement violated constitutional rights during the arrest or investigation, we may seek to suppress key evidence, weakening the prosecution's case.
  • Causation: Establishing a direct link between the defendant's impairment and the alleged serious bodily injury is crucial for a conviction. We scrutinize this connection and challenge any weak or speculative evidence.
  • Field Sobriety Test Reliability: We assess the reliability of field sobriety tests and challenge their accuracy, questioning whether external factors may have influenced the results.
  • Witness Credibility: Examining the credibility of witnesses is vital, as inconsistencies or biases can be used to cast doubt on the prosecution's case.

By leveraging these and other strategic defenses, Morris Law Firm, P.A. aims to secure the best possible outcome for individuals facing DUI with serious bodily injury charges in St. Petersburg. Our legal team is dedicated to protecting your rights and advocating for your interests throughout the legal process.

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