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Case Results from Morris Law Firm, P.A.

St. Petersburg Criminal Defense Case Results

Throughout the years, Melinda Morris has defended men, women, and youth against a variety of criminal offenses. For your reference, we have added many of our previous case results to this website. These case results are a sample of Melinda Morris’ representation in St. Petersburg and throughout Pinellas County, Hillsborough County, Sarasota County, Manatee County, and surrounding communities.

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Case Results / How We Can Help You

How We Can Help You

The Morris Law Firm is a full service criminal defense firm that will:

Strive To Minimize Your Court Appearances

Strive to Minimize Your Court Apperances:
  • As your criminal lawyer, we can appear in Court on your behalf, and save you time from missing work.
  • It may be possible to resolve your case without your appearance in Court or the need for a trial.
Investigate, Assess & Analyze Your Case

Investigate, Assess & Analyze Your Case
  • With experience as a Former State Prosecutor, we will assess the case against you and explain the possible outcomes.
  • As your criminal lawyer, we will research all legal issues in your case and pursue the best possible resolution for you.
Negotiate on Your Behalf

Negotiate on Your Behalf
  • With our local (St. Petersburg, FL and surrounding areas) knowledge of the State Attorney’s Office, we will immediately communicate with the Prosecutor and negotiate on your behalf. In many cases the Prosecutor has the discretion to file reduced charges, or to not file charges at all.
Prepare Your Defense

Prepare Your Defense
  • We will strive to file any necessary motions dismiss or motions to attempt to exclude evidence in an effort to maximize your opportunity for a positive outcome.
  • As your criminal lawyer, we will represent you at any necessary pre?trial hearings, pre?trial motions, and at trial.
Conclude Your Case

Conclude Your Case
  • We will continue to advocate your case at sentencing, to attempt to reduce any negative impact on you.
  • If possible, we will work on your behalf to have your records sealed or expunged.