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Clearwater Police Department

The Clearwater Police Department (CPD) is the third-largest law enforcement agency in Pinellas County. CPD has 231 sworn police officers and 127 civilian employees. This law enforcement agency in Pinellas County averages over 167,000 calls for service each year in this area that covers 26-square miles.

If you are under investigation by the Clearwater Police Department or if you were arrested by one of its officers, then contact an experienced criminal defense attorney at Morris Law Firm, P.A.. We are familiar with the tactics used by this local law enforcement agency in Pinellas County and the standard operating procedures that govern the way the officers investigate criminal cases.

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Contact Information:

Clearwater Police Department

645 Pierce Street

Clearwater, FL

Phone: (727) 562-4242


Divisions of the Clearwater Police Department

According to the Police Applicant Screening Service (PASS) Salary Survey, the 2017 salary ranges for the Clearwater Police Department is a minimum of $49,302 and a maximum of $73,016 for an officer, a minimum of $51,767 or a maximum of $76,667, or a minimum of $51,767 or a maximum of $76,667 for a Corporal.

The Clearwater Police Department is divided into three divisions: the Criminal Investigations Division, the Patrol Division; and the Support Services Division.

  • the Criminal Investigations Division;

  • the Patrol Division; and

  • the Support Services Division.

Since 1998, the Clearwater Police Department (CPD) has been accredited by the Commission for Florida Law Enforcement Accreditation (CFLEA).

Criminal Investigations Division of the Clearwater Police Department

The Criminal Investigation Division (CID) conducts follow-up investigations on reported violations of law. Several units of the CID are responsible for conducting follow-up criminal investigations.

  • The Vice & Narcotics investigates “street level” drug activities and participate in several local and national task forces to investigate street level narcotics in the City of Clearwater. Drug crimes in Clearwater, FL, can including simple possession, possession with intent to sell, delivery, cultivation, and trafficking.

  • The Robbery Unit investigates the following crimes in Clearwater, FL:

    • forcible taking of property from a single victim, commercial entity or banking business;

    • aggravated assault/battery; or

    • shootings into occupied dwellings.

  • The Burglary Unit investigates property crimes (residential and vehicle) and animal cruelty cases.

  • The Economic Crimes Unit investigates the following types of cases:

    • credit card theft

    • worthless documents

    • frauds

    • banking schemes

    • auto theft

    • financial exploitation of the elderly

  • The Crimes Against Children & Families Unit investigates child abuse and neglect cases, assault and battery against juveniles, sex crimes and missing persons under the age of 18, including abduction or kidnapping.

  • The Homicide Unit investigates all death cases, missing persons/kidnapping (adults) and extortion by violence.

Patrol Division of the Clearwater Police Department

The Patrol Division performs the uniformed patrol functions of the department including 24-hour response to the initial investigation of crimes and incidents, traffic enforcement and control, and accident investigation. The patrol operations for Clearwater, FL, are divided into three geographic districts.

Support Services Division of the Clearwater Police Department

The Support Services Division of the Clearwater Police Department provides fiscal services, information gathering, and analysis, ancillary services in support of police department operations. Several functions and units fall under Support Services including the Crime Analysis Unit, the Personnel and Training Unit, the Records Unit, Crime Scene Processing and Police Service Technicians. are non-sworn, civilian personnel who assist the department by receiving citizen information and reports by telephone.

Additional Resources

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