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Tampa Criminal Defense Attorney

The Morris Law Firm is dedicated to defending the rights of all individuals facing criminal charges in Florida. Attorney Melinda Morris is the managing partner with special training on prosecuting criminal defense cases from the State of Florida. As a former criminal prosecutor Ms. Morris has handled thousands of cases from investigation through sentencing.

The Morris Law Firm represents various natures of criminal charges for first time and repeat offenders. It is understandable that when being prosecuted for a crime times can be distressing, especially if you have no previous criminal activity on your record.

If you are wrongly alleged of committing a crime or that is no proof of you actually participating in the accused act, we will strive to get all charges dropped or to receive full dismissal for you case. Working with an experienced and aggressive Hillsborough County lawyer will be beneficial to you in defending your case.

Our website has valuable resources and information on several criminal defenses areas. Our services include representing clients in Tampa.

The Morris Law Firm represents the following criminal charges in the Tampa Bay area:

Arrested in Tampa

In order to be arrested in Tampa, Florida an arrest warrant is not necessary. There has to be a plausible cause. There must be a probable reason to prosecute you for a crime and evidence that is was actually you who committed the crime.

If you are arrested in Tampa, you are fully protected by constitutional rights. It is important to understand that you will have the right to remain silent and the right to an attorney. Subsequent to your arrest you are not mandated to provide any information to law enforcers or investigators until hiring an attorney.

Tampa, FL Domestic Violence Resources – Tampa Government information resources on Domestic Violence crime prevention.

Tampa, FL Government – The Official website for the City of Tampa, Florida.

Tampa City Hall
315 E. Kennedy Blvd.
Tampa, FL 33602-5211
(813) 274-8211

Tampa, FL Government – Tampa’s City Clerk bears witness to all official city records, including, but not limited to, official actions of the city council, oaths of office and records of appointments to city boards and committees.

Tampa City Clerk’s Office
315 East Kennedy Boulevard
Tampa, Florida 33602
(813) 274-8396
FAX (813) 274-8306

Tampa, FL Police Department – Tampa’s Police Department – serving the entire Tampa Bay area with service and pride.

Tampa Police Department Headquarters
411 N. Franklin Street
Tampa, Florida 33602
(813) 231-6130

Morris Law Firm | Tampa Criminal Defense Lawyer

Hire the Morris Law Firm as your criminal defenses attorney and we will aggressively fight your case. Call or e-mail the Morris Law Firm to find out now to best protect your rights. Let our experienced criminal defense attorney help you understand what happens next, understand the potential punishment, determine if you can avoid a criminal record, and determine if your charge can be dismissed or reduced to a lesser offense. Acting quickly before the State Attorney files charges can be beneficial to your case. Our attorney fees are reasonable and payment plan options may be available.