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Drug Crime Case Results, St. Petersburg FL

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Drug Crime Case Results

Drug Crimes: Possession of Marijuana – Nolle Prosequi (Dismissed)

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client was on probation for a previous felony charge of Possession of Marijuana when he was arrested again for Possession of Marijuana during a traffic violation and subsequent search of the client’s vehicle. Client faced a felony Violation of Probation on the original charge along with the new charges. The State Attorney was seeking jail time on the felony Violation of Probation.
  • Outcome: The Morris Law Firm was successful in getting the misdemeanor Possession of Marijuana Nolle Prossed (dismissed) while also negotiating to have the probation reinstated with no jail time served.

Drug Crimes: Possession of Prescription Pills – No Information (not prosecuted)

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client was out with friends in downtown St. Petersburg when he was approached and subsequently searched by St. Petersburg police. Officers found the following pills in possession of client: Klonopin, Prozac and Geodon.
  • Outcome: Client hired attorney the Morris Law Firm. The Morris Law Firm presented evidence to the State Attorney’s Office that client had a valid prescription for each of the controlled substances. The Morris Law Firm was successful in convincing the prosecutor not to file any criminal charges against the client.