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Domestic Violence Case Results, St. Petersburg FL

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Domestic Violence Case Results

Domestic Violence: Rape Charges Dropped / Restraining Order (Injunction) Denied

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts:  Client was accused of domestic violence / rape by his ex-wife and faced substantial prison time.  Wife obtained a temporary restraining order (injunction) significantly limiting client’s contact with his children.  Client retained the Morris Law Firm to represent him on the rape charge and the injunction.
  • Outcome:  The Morris Law Firm was successful in negotiating with the State to dismiss (No Info) the rape charge.  Further, the Morris Law Firm represented the client at the wife’s hearing for a permanent restraining order (injunction).  The judge denied the wife’s request for a permanent injunction based on arguments put forth by the Morris Law Firm.

Domestic Violence: Injunction Denied

  • County: Hillsborough
  • Facts: Client was accused of sexually assaulting her cousin.  Client retained the Morris Law Firm to represent her in the Injunction Hearing.  Client asserted that there was no inappropriate contact.  Client faced a permanent injunction that could have resulted in a no-contact order with her cousin, as well as a permanent injunction on her record.
  • Outcome: The Morris Law Firm performed significant investigation and deposed all parties to the injunction.  The Morris Law Firm argued that there was insufficient evidence to warrant the injunction.  The Morris Law Firm was successful in arguing against the injunction.

Domestic Violence: Nolle Prosequi (dismissed)

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client accepted into Navy Seals program until domestic battery arrest put his acceptance in jeopardy. Navy would no longer accept client to serve in military with a domestic violence conviction. Alleged victim was client’s wife. Client had no prior arrest record.
  • Outcome: Client hired attorney the Morris Law Firm and the Morris Law Firm was successful in getting the State to dismiss (Nolle Prosse) client’s domestic battery charge.

Domestic Violence: Reduced to Disorderly Conduct

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client is a successful local business owner in Dunedin, Florida. Client along with his wife, children and friends had been out on their boat to watch the Christmas boat parade. Once back at the Dunedin Marina client and his wife began to argue. An off-duty sheriff’s deputy also at the marina that night believed he saw client strike his wife in the face and detained client while he summoned on-duty deputies. Both the client, his wife, and the client’s friend denied a battery occurred but law enforcement believed the off-duty deputy and arrested client for Domestic Battery. Client had no prior record.
  • Outcome: Client hired the Morris Law Firm. The Morris Law Firm set the case for trial and was later successful in getting the State Attorney’s Office to reduce the Domestic Battery charge to a Disorderly Conduct charge. Client simply paid a fine and avoided a battery conviction and criminal probation.

Domestic Violence: No Information (not prosecuted)

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client was a 51 year-old long time Microsoft employee with no prior criminal record. On October 13, 2009 client got into an argument with her 21 year old daughter and pulled on her daughter’s dress to stop her from leaving the house. Daughter called the police and client was subsequently arrested for Domestic Battery.
  • Outcome: Client hired the Morris Law Firm. the Morris Law Firm was successful in getting the State Attorney’s Office to drop the case and not pursue any criminal charges against the client (No Information).