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No More Excessive Fines or Penalties in Florida

Florida criminal defendants facing excessive penalties or seized property can thank Indiana resident Tyson Timbs for relief via the US Supreme Court. Tyson Timbs struggled with drug addiction. A painkiller prescription had escalated to heroin abuse.  In an unfortunate turn he was arrested selling heroin to undercover officers to fund his addiction. Timbs pled guilty [ Read More… ]

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Will Supreme Court Ruling on Racial Bias Have Effect on Jury Selection?-Update

Last year, we wrote about the United States Supreme Court agreeing to hear an appeal from Timothy Tyrone Foster, a 48-year-old death row inmate in Georgia who was convicted in May 1987 when he was 18 years of age of killing a 79-year-old retired schoolteacher. The jury that sentenced Foster to death was entirely white. [ Read More… ]

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Supreme Court: Pretrial Detainees Have Lower Standard for Force Claims

While most news about the Supreme Court in the recent week has understandably been on its historic decision on same-sex marriage, other important decisions have also come from the nation’s highest judicial body, including rulings affecting the criminal justice system. In Kingsley v. Hendrickson, the Court considered the standard that should be used to determine [ Read More… ]

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Supreme Court rules against police in drug-sniffing dog case

The U.S. Supreme Court handed down an opinion Tuesday ruling that police cannot extend a routine traffic stop in order to bring a drug-sniffing dog to investigate the car absent any reasonable suspicion that a crime other than the traffic offense is taking place. The decision is a victory for the right of people to [ Read More… ]