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Fighting the DUI Blood Test

If you have been arrested for a DUI that involves a blood test, then contact an experienced DUI defense lawyer in Pinellas County at the Morris Law Firm to fight the prosecution in St. Petersburg or Clearwater, Pinellas County, FL, or the surrounding areas including Bradenton in Manatee County, Sarasota in Sarasota County, Tampa in Hillsborough County, and New Port Richey or Dade City in Pasco County.

St. Petersburg DUI Lawyer for Blood Test Cases

The DUI officer will usually request the blood test under one of the following circumstances:

  1. When the driver submits to a breath test and then requests a blood test;
  2. When the driver consents to a blood test after being involved in a motor vehicle accidents or must be taken to the hospital for any other reason and the breath test is not available or impractical; or
  3. When the law enforcement officers request a forced blood draw after obtaining probable cause to believe that the suspect caused an accident or crash while under the influence of alcohol and caused serious bodily injury to himself or another person.
  4. When the prosecutor is able to obtain blood samples collected at the hospital during the course of treatment (often called “hospital blood”).

Often these DUI blood cases require effectively managing your right to a speedy trial because of the delays the prosecutor may face in obtaining the blood test results. Additionally, motions to suppress or exclude the blood test results may apply. At the Morris Law Firm, P.A., we work with some of the top expert witnesses who can analyze the blood test results in your case and testify that even a positive test result does not indicate intoxication at the time the driving occurred.

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