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Voters Can Legalize Medical Marijuana on Election Day

Melinda Morris
By: Melinda Morris
Nov. 02 2016

The video above features Dr. Gregory Gerdeman, a neuroscientist and Assistant Professor of Biology at Eckerd College in St. Petersburg. In the video, Dr. Gerdeman describes why he supports the Florida Medical Marijuana Legalization Initiative, or Amendment 2, which will be on the ballot this Tuesday. He says in conclusion, “Cannabis is safe and it’s real medicine.”

Amendment 2 is the second time that Floridians will be voting to legalize medical use of marijuana by individuals with debilitating medical conditions. In 2014, 57.62 percent of voters supported the similar Florida Right to Medical Marijuana Initiative, but that total did not meet the 60 percent supermajority threshold that is required for passage of constitutional amendments.

The video above comes from the United For Care Campaign run by People United for Medical Marijuana, a Florida-based political action committee (PAC) seeking to legalize medical marijuana. According to the campaign, more than 100 medical professionals have expressed their support for medical marijuana.

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Unfortunately, many people in Florida who are suffering from serious conditions are not able to legally obtain the cannabis they need for their particular symptoms or pains. Marijuana remains a Schedule I controlled substance under both state and federal law, and individuals who are accused of possessing it can face severe criminal penalties.

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