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Domestic Violence Arrest Belleair

Belleair is considered a relatively small town in Pinellas County. With a population of approximately 4,000 people, you might be surprised to learn that the Belleair Police Department are still incredibly vigilant. They are always on high alert for people who might be committing crimes such as domestic violence.

If you’ve been accused of domestic violence, it’s crucial you protect yourself. It’s recommended you secure trusted legal representation before you make any major decisions. The statutory penalties associated with a domestic violence arrest are incredibly serious. You could be sentenced to pay expensive fines and even spend time in jail or prison. Do what’s best for you now by securing experienced legal counsel today.

Defense Lawyer for Belleair Domestic Violence Arrests in FL

Have you been accused of a domestic violence crime? Are you unsure on what to do next? If so, we highly recommend you seek legal representation. Hiring a skilled attorney can significantly increase your chances of having your case reduced or dismissed. For a team of determined and experienced attorneys, we recommend you contact Morris Law Firm, P.A.. 

The attorneys at Morris Law Firm, P.A. understand it’s heartbreaking to deal with domestic violence situations. It can be incredibly stressful for all parties involved. Because of this, we want to provide the most efficient and effective representation to help you heal. Call us now at (727) 388-4736 to set up your first appointment for free. 

We accept clients throughout the greater Pinellas County area including Largo, St. Petersburg, Belleair, and Clearwater.

Overview of Belleair Domestic Violence Arrests

Domestic Violence Crime & Arrest Resources in Belleair, FL

  • Belleair Police Department – If you were arrested in Belleair, it was likely by the Belleair Police Department. The Department is dedicated to serving and protecting its citizens through quality policing. Their current Chief of Police is Rick Doyle. You can visit their offices at 901 Ponce De Leon in Belleair, Florida.
  • Pinellas County Sheriff’s Department – The Sheriff’s Department for Pinellas County manages incarceration for offenders throughout Pinellas County. You can visit their site to learn how to post bond, their inmate services, and a search engine to look up inmates. Their offices are located at 1663 Gulf to Bay Boulevard in Clearwater, FL.
  • Florida Department of Law Enforcement – The Department of Law Enforcement handles state-wide investigative law enforcements throughout Florida. This is done through several boards, commissions and councils. Visit their site to request public records you may need for your case.
  • Pinellas County Clerk – Important files and information are kept at the Pinellas County’s clerk’s office. There you can find important court records, request a document or make a legal payment if needed. You can find the Pinellas County clerk at 315 Court Street in Clearwater, Florida.
  • Batterer’s Programs in Florida – In some cases, the judge may court order you to attend a Batterer’s Intervention Program. You must participate in a program certified by the state. The link provided gives a lists of all Batterers’ Intervention Program and in which Circuit court they are located.
  • CASA – The non-profit domestic violence center for Pinellas County is known as the Community Action Stops Abuse (CASA). The organization provides crisis intervention, temporary shelter and community education on domestic violence as well as outreach support programs for victims.

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Florida Penalties for Domestic Violence Battery

Domestic violence crimes are any threat or violent act against a family or household member. These can be family by sanguinity (blood) such as grandparents or siblings. It can include family by marriage such as aunts, in-laws, spouses or even ex-spouses. Domestic violence crimes can also be geared at people who share children or who are in a dating relationship.

A common domestic violence crime is battery or aggravated battery. A domestic violence battery is when a person does one of the following two actions:

  • Intentionally touch or strike a family or household member without their consent; or
  • Intentionally cause bodily harm to another family or household member.

The penalties for battery are nothing to take lightly. A battery offense can result in a first-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by: 

  • Up to one year in jail; and
  • A fine of up to $1,000

However, the crime can be enhanced to aggravated battery if certain factors are present during the crime. These factors include:

  • A deadly weapon;
  • The victim was pregnant during the crime; or
  • The victim sustained great bodily harm

A “deadly weapon” under Florida law is anything that can be used or threatened in a way likely to produce death or great bodily harm. Most people think of firearms when they think of a deadly weapon. However, other instruments can be considered to be a deadly weapon such as a knife or a baseball bat.

Aggravated battery is a second-degree felony, which can lead to:

  • Up to 15 years in prison; and
  • A fine of up to $10,000

If a firearm was used during the battery, then you may be subject to Florida’s 10-20-life enhancement. This law states crimes involving a firearm are required to have mandatory minimum prison sentences including: 

  • 10 years if you possessed a firearm;
  • 15 years if the firearm was discharged in any way; and
  • 25 years if someone was injured or killed by the firearm

Unfortunately, this isn’t the end to the possible consequences associated with domestic violence. A domestic violence conviction could also result in the following:

  • Mandatory minimum jail sentence of 5 days if the victim was injured;
  • Mandatory completion of a 29 Week Batterer’s Program;
  • Ineligibility to have your public record sealed or expunged;
  • Forfeit all firearms during probation; and
  • Revocation of your concealed weapons permit

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Protective Orders for Domestic Violence in Florida

Another consequence you may experience from a domestic violence crime is a protective order, also known as a restraining order. A protective order is a court order which prohibits you from doing certain things or being around certain areas. If you violate the order, then you’ll be criminally charged with a first-degree misdemeanor, which is punishable by:

  • Up to one year in jail; and
  • A fine of up to $1,000

Some conditions you may be court ordered to follow in an protective order include:

  • Not communicating with the victim in-person or electronically;
  • Moving out of any shared residence with the victim;
  • Prohibited from destroying or defacing the victim’s property;
  • Being further than 500 feet from the victim’s home;
  • Being further than 500 feet from the victim’s family or friends;
  • Being further than 500 feet from the victim’s place of employment
  • Being further than 500 feet from the victim’s child or the child care facility they attend
  • Forfeit all your firearms; and
  • Temporarily revoke your concealed weapons permit

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Additional Resources 

Domestic Violence Resources – Visit the official website for the Sixth Judicial Circuit in Florida to learn more about their domestic violence resources. Access the site to learn the difference between dating, domestic, sexual and repeat violence. Click the links provided to learn more about how to file for an injunction and where the closest domestic violence center is near you. 

Florida’s Domestic Violence Laws – Visit the official website for Florida’s Statutes to learn more about their laws on domestic violence. Access the legislation to learn more about domestic violence injunctions, batterer intervention programs and rights for victims.

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Domestic Violence Attorney in Belleair, Florida

If you or someone you know has been accused of domestic violence, we highly recommend you gain trusted legal representation. You could be burdened with expensive fines, court orders to batterer programs and even time in jail or prison. Learn how to fight back against these charges by contacting the attorneys at Morris Law Firm, P.A..

Morris Law Firm, P.A. is a group of reputable criminal defense attorneys with collectively over a decade of experience. We can examine your case to see what defenses would protect you from the penalties. Call us now at (727) 388-4736 to set up at your first appointment free today.

Morris Law Firm, P.A. accepts clients throughout Belleair and surrounding communities including St. Petersburg, Oldsmar, Clearwater and Palm Harbor.

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This article was last updated on August 21, 2019.