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Juvenile Offense Case Results, St. Petersburg FL

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Juvenile Offense Case Results

Juvenile Crimes: Burglary – Nolle Prosequi (Dismissed)

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Client was accused of burglarizing a residence with three other co-defendants. Client said that she never entered the residence, but simply was with those who perpetrated the crime. Client faced conviction and probation on a felony charge that may have rendered her ineligible for a college scholarship.
  • Outcome: The Morris Law Firm set the case for trial and then convinced the State Attorney that they had insufficient evidence that the client ever entered the residence or had knowledge that the other parties were going to commit a crime. The State Attorney’s Office filed a Nolle Prosequi thus ending prosecution against the client.

Juvenile Crimes: Battery Charges Reduced

  • County: Pinellas
  • Facts: Sixteen year old client was arrested for Battery on a Law Enforcement Officer. It was alleged client created a disturbance at school during the FCAT and when officer physically removed her from classroom client reacted by biting police officer.
  • Outcome: Client’s mother hired the Morris Law Firm. The Morris Law Firm was able to get client released from juvenile detention. The Morris Law Firm also successfully negotiated with the State Attorney’s Office to have client’s felony charge reduced to a misdemeanor Battery. Client was able to avoid a felony conviction which would have affected her status in the Pinellas County school system as well as prevented her from receiving scholarship aid for college as well as negatively impacted college admissions.