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Lights, No Camera, Action – Police Body Camera Use In Tampa Bay

Over one year ago we wrote about the use of body cameras by local law enforcement agencies in our blog, “Your Next Interaction With Police May Be Video Recorded.” Today, many of our local law enforcement agencies have still not adopted the technology and are refusing to do so. Today, only the Pasco County Sheriff’s [ Read More… ]

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Pinellas Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion (APAD) – Update – 08-23-17

We have written several times on the Pinellas County Sheriff’s Office Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion Program (APAD) – read the original blog here: Pinellas Adult Pre-Arrest Diversion (APAD) Program – The Good, The Bad, and the Unknown . Just last week, the Tampa Bay Times reported that there would be no changes to the County’s arrest [ Read More… ]

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St. Petersburg Attorney Explains the Effect Supreme Court Ruling Prohibiting Individuals Convicted of Domestic Violence from Gun Ownership in Florida

Today, in the case Voisine v. United States, the United States Supreme Court upheld federal legislation prohibiting individuals convicted of misdemeanor domestic violence from gun ownership. Under 18 U.S.C. §922(g)(9) it is unlawful for an individual convicted misdemeanor domestic violence to possess a firearm. In an earlier Supreme Court case, United States v. Castleman, the [ Read More… ]

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