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Monthly Archives: March 2015

Florida Supreme Court tosses out life and lifelong sentences for juveniles

The State’s highest court handed down four decisions last week ruling that certain Florida laws pertaining to sentencing were unconstitutional under precedent of the U.S. Supreme Court. The rulings have an impact on serious juvenile offenders. Two of the cases involve Miller v. Alabama, a U.S. Supreme Court case in which the Court found that [ Read More… ]

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Supreme Court to hear case on synthetic drugs

The U.S. Supreme Court has scheduled a case for oral argument over aspects of a federal law that regulates and prohibits synthetic drugs. The main question in the case is whether the government must prove the defendant knew or should have known the substances in question were an analogue of a controlled substance to convict [ Read More… ]

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Sexting Offense May Be Readdressed in Coming Florida Legislative Session

A law prohibiting minors from sending or possessing nude pictures may be readdressed in the new session of the Florida Legislature, which convenes Tuesday, March 3. The law, passed in 2011, has been questioned as potentially unenforceable.  Legislators are hoping to fix what could be a fatal flaw. The law made it an offense for a [ Read More… ]

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